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Pause briefly and then take another moment to really think about what you are doing... This would prevent a lot of treatment errors, as taking a second look or pausing to give something more attention is often all it takes to identify mistakes and increase the safety of medical treatment. But even with the best and most qualified employees, errors – particularly mix-ups – in day-to-day medical practice cannot be completely prevented. The causes are often a lack of time or distractions. NEXUS / LAB has the solution! Mobile quality management with LAURIS ID-Check Transfusion and Sampling helps to prevent the mix-up of patients, blood units and specimens, as specimens and blood units can now also be stored on the go.

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It's simpler than you think! Discover the NEXUS / LAB solutions for transfusion medicine:


LAURIS ID­Check Transfusion


LAURIS ID­Check Transfusion supports doctors and care staff in preventing the mix-up of patients and blood units. The mobile application checks whether the patient and blood unit belong together directly at the patient's bed and checks further blood unit data such as shelf life, validity of the cross-matching and bedside tests of the patient. To do this, the barcodes on the patient's wristband and the blood unit are read and compared in real time. Then, a green light or warning appears.


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LAURIS ID­Check Sampling


We have developed a similar app for taking specimens from the patient. Here, too, the ID of the patient and then each individual test tube is scanned. LAURIS ID-Check Sampling checks in real time that you have the correct specimen container and documents the time – to the minute – that the specimen was taken as well as the logged-in user.


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During the development of this solution, special emphasis was placed on simple, safe and device-independent operation, to enable use by any laboratory. This means that our web application, for example, can be used on any standard mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or a professional mobile scanner.

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