Speed up diagnostic findings in early cancer detection

Speed up diagnostic findings in routine operations

NEXUS / CYTOLOGY is synonymous with state-of-the-art technology, fast work processes, reliability and flexibility. "Just-in-time" work in laboratories requires perfect laboratory management. Speed and safety take top priority. This applies to all stages of the work process.

The cytology solution focuses on supporting workflows in routine operations with high workloads. NEXUS / CYTOLOGY was developed in close collaboration with customers and specialists. The result is a modern software solution specifically tailored to the needs of cytological working methods.

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Materials received and recording

Integrated scanning solution and automatic assignment of laboratory numbers

The integrated scanning solution for order entry and the automatic assignment of sequential laboratory numbers speed up the workflow. Thanks to the powerful optical character recognition, examination requests are read in and created with virtually no mistakes.

Each examination request is created in the database, saved and, if necessary, linked to previous findings in just a few steps. Order codes can be used to define sender-specific and billable services, which means orders can be entered in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

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State-of-the-art workflow

Automated entry of diagnoses is combined with individual templates

A clearly arranged user interface enables structured entry using a mouse or touchscreen. With NEXUS / CYTOLOGY, each diagnostic report is automatically generated in Microsoft Word. The advantage of this is that diagnostic reports can be individually created and each sent with their own type of business card.

Different report templates can be designed quickly and easily. As well as direct printing onto carbon copy and blank forms, it is also possible to create report overviews and collective diagnoses.

The 'add image to report' function enables the microscopic image to be added to the report. NEXUS / CYTOLOGY also supports multi-stage diagnosis: the results are entered by CTAs and forwarded. They are then confirmed or corrected by the doctor.

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Integration of laboratory automation

Integration of laboratory automation

NEXUS / CYTOLOGY supports the conventional cytology processes, thin-layer cytology and the connection of devices for HPV typing and chlamydia analysis. NEXUS / CYTOLOGY also connects to the FocalPoint® systems from BD.

The CTA or doctor is alerted to possible positive previous findings by means of visual signals.

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Quality assurance

Meeting defined quality requirements

With more than 150 statistics and lists, a wide variety of evaluations can be carried out. Statistics can be flexibly selected according to time, sender, etc. The statistics that have been generated can then be transferred to Excel, CSV and Word formats. These can be printed immediately at the touch of a button. An extensive full text search is also integrated.

The quick and easy creation of recall lists with special configuration according to PAP groups and time provides quality assurance with regard to your senders.

NEXUS / CYTOLOGY enables cytologists to digitally store all scanned documents, diagnostic reports and microscopy photos. These can be accessed at any workstation at any time.

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