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UZ Brussels chooses RVC Medical IT

In 2023, Brussels University Hospital selected RVC Clinical Assistant for its endoscopy department. By selecting
this software solution, UZ Brussels will have access to a comprehensive suite for all endoscopy activities.

The suite includes standard multilingual reports and advanced endoscopy reports that allow selecting the structured reporting of multiple endoscopic procedures in one report. The RVC Clinical Assistant will be integrated with Primuz, the electronic patient record developed by the University Hospital itself. With UZ Brussels, two of the four Dutch-speaking University Hospitals in Belgium will now use the RVC Product Suite.

UZ Brussels has 721 hospital beds and records between 15,000 and 20,000 endoscopy procedures per year, for patients from home and abroad. The RVC Clinical Assistant makes the endoscopy department's processes simpler, more flexible and more individualised. Work that previously had to be done manually, such as assigning images to the correct protocols, can now be automated. The time and personnel expenditure is thus reduced and efficiency is increased. The registration of the endoscopes at the source and the Track & Trace procedure (quality assurance and traceability of the cleaning of endoscopes) ensure the highest hygiene quality.

The introduction of the system is linked to the department's move to a new building in the fourth quarter of 2023. The staff of the endoscopy department are already looking forward to working with the RVC Clinical Assistant and are completely convinced by the concept. A large part of this satisfaction also results from the professional and reliable cooperation between RVC Medical IT and UZ Brussels. The University Hospital can already very well imagine using the system in other departments, such as paediatric gastroenterology, and also extending it to other of the eight hospitals that also work with Primuz. RVC Medical IT is part of NEXUS AG, a leading European provider of IT solutions for hospitals. There is also interest in implementing other products from NEXUS AG.

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