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The topic of digitalization has been increasing in importance for years, both in the laboratory and in pathology and cytology. This also means that the requirements and products between the departments are increasingly overlapping, and interoperability is therefore more important than ever. NEXUS provides innovative software solutions as well as real interoperability, all of which are now being implemented in increasingly connected diagnostic areas:

In future, NEXUS SWISSLAB GmbH, NEXUS / DIGITAL PATHOLOGY GmbH, ifms GmbH and GePaDo GmbH will all be combined under the new umbrella brand NEXUS / LAB. This will mean even more new products and solutions, further advances and further innovations.


Everything from a single source

We provide you with everything from software to hardware, all the way through to service, from a single source.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

It's quite simple – you have more time to focus on medicine, while we take care of your laboratory or institute. We offer a coherent complete solution, so you no longer need to waste time searching for additional components. This includes the appropriate software, together with matching hardware as well as tailored service and support. It couldn't be simpler!


The entire NEXUS Group is synonymous with holistic digital processes and real interoperability.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

We draw on not only the expertise of our 300 NEXUS / LAB experts, but also the combined skills of all NEXUS specialist departments, and therefore all of our almost 2,000 NEXUS employees. If the LAB department has not already programmed the right solution, for example, one of our NEXUS specialist departments certainly will have. This is where real interoperability comes into play, as all NEXUS solutions work seamlessly with one another.

Over 300 experts

We are a team of more than 300 LAB experts.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

This means full steam ahead in all areas: from research to development, to sales and marketing, all the way through to processing and support. In Germany alone, over 300 LAB experts work day in, day out to make your daily medical routine simpler. In addition, we have NEXUS colleagues all across Europe. We have a huge network of experts who are continuously expanding their knowledge and are able to implement your projects in no time at all.

Over 30 years of experience

Many of our employees have years of experience in the things they do and the topics they talk about.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

We speak the same language! The daily challenges you face are not new to us. What's also great about our experienced employees is that they develop a feel for your situation. As a rule, this means that they can quickly ascertain how we can help you. We don't, therefore, require lengthy explanations in order to tackle your problems together.

The hands...

...our employees:

More than 300 LAB experts work together day in, day out at various sites in Germany to make your daily medical routine simpler. In addition, we have NEXUS colleagues all across Europe. Together, they form a huge network of experts. Take a look at an excerpt of our sites:


Sachsendamm 2-7
10829 Berlin

+49 30 62 601-0


Irmastraße 1
78166 Donaueschingen

+49 771 22960-0


Niederlassung Heiligenhaus

Rügenstraße 11
42579 Heiligenhaus

+49 2056 261-0


Niederlassung Ratingen

Kokkolastraße 5
40882 Ratingen

+49 2102 551 550-0


Niederlassung Frankfurt

Hanauer Landstraße 293
60314 Frankfurt am Main

+49 69 58 300 42 00


Niederlassung Otterberg

Lauerstraße 14
67697 Otterberg

+49 6301 38 900-15

ifms GmbH

Sulzbachstraße 39-41
66111 Saarbrücken

+49 681 910 13-0

GePaDo - Softwarelösungen für Genetik - GmbH

Wartburgstraße 46
01309 Dresden

+49 351 6569-8550

vireq software solutions GmbH

Carl-Reichstein-Straße 11
14770 Brandenburg an der Havel

+49 3381 33198-40

NEXUS Schweiz AG

Kantonsstrasse 3
6246 Altishofen


+41 41 521 11 11

NEXUS Schweiz AG

Niederlassung Wallisellen

Hertistrasse 2c
8304 Wallisellen


+41 41 521 11 11

NEXUS Austria

Güpferlingstr. 29
1170 Wien


+43 1 32 00 567

NEXUS France

1 Pl. Jean Baptiste Burlot
03700 Bellerive-sur-Allier


+33 4 70 59 53 00

NEXUS France

Niederlassung Grenoble

32 Rue des Berges
38000 Grenoble


+33 4 76 95 79 00


Rda. de Jean Monnet, 248
08205 Sabadell, Barcelona


+34 937 205 969

NEXUS Polska

ul. Szyperska 14
61-754 Poznań


+48 61 64 60 981

NEXUS Nederland

Lage Biezenweg 3
4131 LV Vianen


+31 (0)88 0287100

And the heads...

...our management:

Management requires leadership, but leadership also requires management. The main objective of our management is therefore to create an environment for our employees in which they can achieve their goals independently. This means providing freedom for creativity. True to the motto of "Freedom to innovate".

Klaus Fritsch


Andreas Giebisch


Harry Kolles (IFMS)


Arnd Liman


René Mewes (ViREQ)


Sebastian Münch


Christian Sauer (ViREQ)


Michael Schaaf


Mike Schlott (GEPADO)


Vico Weist (ViREQ)


How else can we help?


Are you looking for the right solution for your laboratory?

Then you've come to the right place! NEXUS / LAB will digitalize your laboratory, institute or practice. Regardless of the specialist field in which you work or practice, And best of all? We provide you with everything from software to hardware, all the way through to service, from a single source. Find out more now:

Our solutions

Focus topics

Do you always want to be one step ahead?

NEXUS / LAB is synonymous with innovation and advances, as it sees today's trends as tomorrow's innovations. This is why we continuously develop our products and solutions to stand the test of time or drive forward new topics in the industry. Which topics are we currently focusing on? Read on to find out:

Current focus topics

Events & webinars

Are you interested in a product presentation with a difference?

Perfect, then go ahead and sign up! Even if you've seen us at major industry trade shows, we have further events up our sleeve; how about a meeting in person on one of our customer open days? Or a lunch symposium on current NEXUS / LAB topics? Take a look:

Events & webinars

Contact & support

Do you have questions or would you like assistance?

We will be happy to help! Our NEXUS / LAB experts work hard to make your day-to-day work easier. They will be happy to share their knowledge or help you resolve problems. Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will answer your questions or concerns:

Our contacts  or   Our support team or  More information


Do you want to find out more about working for NEXUS / LAB?

Then you've come to the right place! Discover more about us as an employer, view our vacancies and join the NEXUS team. We place great emphasis on freedom and personal responsibility. Our employees strive for innovation day in, day out, true to the motto of "Freedom to innovate". Find out for yourself:

Your career at NEXUS / LAB

Do you need help? We are happy to advise you.
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