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We specialize in innovative software solutions that make it noticeably easier for users to procure information or medical documentation in just a few clicks.

With the clinical information system (NEXUS / HIS) and the integrated diagnostic modules (NEXUS / DIS), we now have a uniquely broad product range, which can cover almost all functional requirements of hospitals, psychiatric clinics, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers within our own product families. The focus of product development is on easy-to-use process supports that increase efficiency and safety in patient treatment.

The NEXUS / HIS components chart here provides an overview of our great variety of modules.



Today, more than 250,000 users work with the products of NEXUS AG daily. They include doctors, nurses and administration staff in hospitals, psychiatric wards, rehabilitation institutions, radiology departments and pathology wards.

NEXUS maintains close customer relations and has decentralized structures. Direct, on-site customer support and strong identification with customer requirements are the main driving force behind our actions. We work with the customer and at our customers’ premises to ensure their software implementation is a successful project.



NEXUS has around 1,500 employees, operates in seven European countries with its own locations and supports customers in another 23 countries via certified dealers. Thanks to continuously growing demand for NEXUS products, we have been able to build up a large customer base in the last few years and regularly show increasing sales and results.

With employees from 32 nations, the NEXUS team has a very international outlook and looks for talents from all cultures. Low staff turnover is an indication that employees associate closely with the company and their individual tasks.


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