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1,800 employees from 33 nations in 8 countries develop software innovations for our healthcare system every day. We want to facilitate medical care in the 21st century and help doctors and nurses to concentrate on what is most important: Their patients!

In addition to the development of medical software, NEXUS offers other services in the areas of IT and fundraising and thus contribute to something good in other business areas as well.




"When caring for patients and residents, IT always has to work. That's what I'm responsible for. I make sure that the hardware and systems technology at our home customers are always ready for use. In this way, I help people and am part of the technical progress in healthcare. I think that's great."

- Ermira Etemi __ IT systems engineer in training, Switzerland

To achieve this goal, we bring together the best ideas from international teams. In doing so, we encourage our employees to use the freedom they have in their jobs continually find creative approaches, answer questions together and celebrate these successes.


"I am passionate about being a team player. Developing new markets with my sales team is a challenge that I really enjoy. I am particulary pleased when we can convince renowned clinics, such as the Cadio-Thoracic Center in Monaco, of our merits."

- Olivier Bracco __ Customers Relationship Manager, France

Change is part of our identity at NEXUS, because inorganic growth and organizational transformation are just as much a part of our DNA as the loyalty and consistency of our employees. Thus, we create diversity, remain flexible and open for new impulses.

Thus, we work together on our ONE / NEXUS every day!



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