Our values

NEXUS is characterized by diversity, not only with respect to our employees, but also with respect to our organizational structure.

The freedom to work creatively and innovatively drives us every day. In doing so, our joint actions are always guided by our corporate values. These values create the basis for cooperation within the Group as well as with our stakeholders. They connect all employees of the NEXUS Group, regardless of position and location.

1. Respect and Fairness

We attach great importance to fair and respectful dealings with each other, because respect and fairness create the basis for a trusting cooperation.
Every employee acts in a fair, friendly and businesslike manner both inside and outside the company.

2. Honesty

We deal with each other honestly. We value different perspectives because we achieve the best results through honest and open discourse.

In doing so, we cultivate an open and honest error culture.

3. Equal opportunities

We value diversity and equal opportunities. Equal treatment is a core value of our organization. We always treat each other as equals. Every employee receives the same opportunities in the company regardless of gender or origin.

4. Objectivity

Our cooperation is characterized by objectivity. We always focus on our products, as well as our customers and stakeholders. They are the drivers of our actions and our innovations.

5. Integrity

Our daily actions strictly follow moral and ethical principles. We always make our decisions in a reflective manner. As a company, we offer our employees a great deal of freedom. Our shared values and compliance with them help us to use this freedom effectively.

Working Standards

Change is part of our identity at NEXUS, because inorganic growth and organizational transformation are just as much a part of our DNA as the loyalty and consistency of our employees. Thus, we create diversity, remain flexible and open for new impulses.

Thus, we work together on our ONE / NEXUS every day!



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