Outpatient services

Innovative complete software solution for all care services

NEXUS / SPITEX is a practical, essential overall solution for all outpatient care services. With its comprehensive range of modules, the modern software covers all of the extensive administrative requirements of an outpatient care service. From the needs assessment for RAI-HC, the recording of services on a mobile device (notebook, smartphone) to continuous planning of operations and invoicing and financial accounting, NEXUS / SPITEX is your modern partner in everyday life and supports you in all matters.

The comprehensive range of modules ensures that each outpatient care service can meet all of its individual needs using NEXUS / SPITEX:

  • Basis (aimed at: personal and organizational management)
  • Care dossier
    • Contacts
    • Needs assessment interRAI
    • Assistance with explanations
    • Care planning as per Nanda or ATL
    • Requirements report
    • Progress report
    • Wound documentation
    • Vital signs
    • Fluid / stool balance
    • Fall record
    • Dietary record
    • Medication / narcotics control
    • Allergies / diagnoses
    • Customizable forms
  • Organizer
    • Tasks
    • Notes
    • Journal
    • Document filing / office integration
    • E-mail
    • Messages
  • Work/staff planning (PEPS)
  • Meals


The mobile NEXUS / MOBILE solution allows you to record care data, (e.g. medication, vital signs, etc.) and services quickly and largely automatically when you are still with the patient. At the same time, you can access staff and care planning and optimize work processes. All data are available on your mobile device even if there is no signal, meaning that care services are consistently documented at all locations. Spitex Smart can be used on tablets and smartphones and is available for Android and iOS.


The ROTA helps with your work and staff planning. Although highly complex, the solution remains easy to operate thanks to self-explanatory control elements and guarantees high efficiency. Flexible working hour models and the integration of individual requirements are also standard, such as optional interfaces for direct links to payroll accounting and time-recording systems.

Not only does the ROTA manage duty rosters, it also handles all staff absences, vacation requests and calculates vacation entitlements. All time-management calculations, such as time bonuses, overtime and shift bonuses are made in the background on the basis of the various public sector and internal company collective bargaining and employment contracts, which are then available to be transferred to a payroll accounting system.

Also designed for use in the network and for centralized and decentralized organizational structures, it is highly functional thanks to its simple user interface, user-friendly input screens and integrated user interface functions.

Advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly, variable rota view
  • Makes work scheduling easier thanks to framework rotas
  • Bonuses calculated automatically
  • Monthly itemization for all employees
  • Can be transferred to payroll accounting
  • Open interfaces architecture
  • Highly flexible thanks to variable shift code
  • Simple vacation planning
  • Extensive evaluations and statistics
  • Extensive checks under working time regulations (AZG) or internal QM regulations
  • Access to free capacities by qualification and hours
  • Hosting in internal data center

Spitex light

For smaller providers of outpatient care, using software often involves high and unclear costs.

Spitex Light is intended to help small customers use modern software in a professional environment and reduce the amount of tedious administrative work required without losing sight of what really matters. The focus should be on providing care, with administrative work outsourced in confidence.

Save time and optimize your costs with the new solution for outpatient care services!

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