Care management for people with special needs

Complete solution CARE FOR THE DISABLED: documentation including care planning, billing and rota.


Our complete solution helps you manage all tasks in these areas safely and efficiently. We also offer finance as an integrated module of our solution.

User friendliness and practicality are always at the heart of our products. Extensive evaluations, especially for management level, are available as standard.

Documentation and care planning

Improve the quality of documentation:

  • Variable processes for assistance and support planning according to HMB Metzler, HMB-T, IHP, IHP 3, ITP, IBRP, Schlichthorst model, overall planning processes, etc.
  • Success monitoring
  • Daily routine according to vocational education or supervised areas and any other development report
  • Automated reporting
  • Printing cost unit forms

Advantages at a glance:

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Variable area views (daily or weekly structure)
  • All service areas (therapy, pedagogy, care, etc.)
  • Various support planning models
  • Can be adapted and extended to all client forms

Information management

  • Behavioral problems
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Medication ordering
  • Risk monitoring
  • Variable reconciliation report
  • Simple shift handover
  • Integration of own quality standards
  • Individual parameters
  • Progress reports
  • Daily chart
  • Group and individual measures


The increasing complexity of integrating people into society according to their needs is a major requirement for social institutions providing integration assistance. Applications, documentation and billing require a significant amount of work. Operating and keeping track of these interconnected processes is often a challenge for specialized staff.

The aim of integration assistance is to display information simply, quickly and clearly:

  • Administration, billing
  • Individual daily structure and progress notes
  • Overview of development process
  • Personal budget / specialist service hours
  • Group documentation

Administration and billing

Simple and clear user interface so that all tasks can be managed securely and efficiently and all data and information are available at each workstation.

Individual progress information

Documentation of all relevant data for the assessment of the client’s needs and development up to activities, appointments, services and reports. Option to link individual reports to one or more items for evaluation purposes.

Overview of development process

The need for assistance, as the basis of the application of the group requiring assistance, as well as the related assistance / support planning of a client.

Personal budget / specialist services

The personal budget is shown based on individual requirements and can be set with different billing units and billing valuations.

Service recording and budget monitoring

The specialist providing the service quickly has an overview of the budgets, filtered by client. At the same time, they can quickly and easily record the service, including progress notes at the same time.

Group documentation

The specialist does not have to switch input screens and can select several clients and record group performance. The time units are converted to the clients on a pro rata basis.

Mobile service recording

With the handy NEXUS / MOBILE solution, you can efficiently and quickly optimize service recording in your operations. The fully integrated service recording for material or additional expenses can be processed individually by staff and related service providers. The system does not communicate via interfaces and is instead fully integrated in the app. This ensures process optimization with the latest technologies.  Residents’ photographs and favorite services, which are synchronized with the app, can be saved. Residents can also be contacted by phone directly from the app.

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