Evolutionary development in image management

Vendor Neutral Archive

The VNA platform of the future

NEXUS / DeepView® represents a new approach to strategic data management at healthcare facilities. The architecture of hospital IT is changing – moving away from a structure strongly focused on the HIS as the central system and towards a network structure. The ongoing evolutionary development of digital archives, PACS and ECM into a joint new, vendor-neutral, universal data retention and communication concept is laying the groundwork for the fundamental challenges of future digitalization strategies.

Enterprise PACS

Holistic solutions for medical image management

The multimedia PACS provides holistic solutions for medical image management – from radiological practices to full-service hospitals. Our systems have a modular structure and so they grow with your needs. Mission critical systems are redundant and run non-stop for guaranteed fail-safe operation.


Innovative solutions for seamless exchange of data

As a teleradiology pioneer, we began building the first teleradiology networks at the start of the 1990s and actively helped shape teleradiology standardization. Our teleradiology solutions, from small-scale to large-scale, also help you with diagnosis outside the hospital. You can easily seek out second opinions, send images to other doctors for further processing or send them to your patients.


Intersectoral networking made easy

With our telemedicine solutions, you can create your own platform for intersectoral data exchange or join the nationwide TKmed® solution. Both solutions allow you to quickly exchange radiological images and documents in line with data protection requirements and improve the quality of patient care.

Our solutions

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