The complete solution for psychiatric institutions,
from patient treatment to key figure management.


Basic principle in psychiatry

In addition to detailed knowledge of psychiatric procedures, the software must take into account the specific legal situation of a patient. The course of treatment, including case history, forms of therapy and psychological status must be documented logically and clearly at all times. In this regard, interdisciplinary cooperation of the professional groups involved is a particularly high priority, which must be intelligently mapped in the system.



NEXUS / PSYCHIATRY maps all specific processes in medicine, nursing and administration for psychiatric clinics and departments and takes into account the legal framework of the treatment. The graphic below shows the NEXUS / PSYCHIATRY individual modules within the overall system.


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For the specific requirements of mental health facilities, NEXUS offers customer focused solutions by providing individual process support and specific modules and functions. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, more than 60% of all mental health institutions use NEXUS / HIS.

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Overall system modules

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NEXUS / PSYCHIATRY is your hospital information system specifically for psychiatry.

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