Integration solutions for healthcare facilities


The flexible data hub

Unlike monolithic closed system philosophies, NEXUS provides open systems and helps integrate IT solutions. There are often a high number of interfaces between healthcare facilities and medical devices and department systems. NEXUS works to bring these systems together. 

NEXUS / INTEGRATION SERVER is a communication server that comprehensively addresses the special requirements of hospitals, groups, rehabilitation and residential institutions. All standards, from eFA 2.0 to FHIR, IHE, HL7 and XML, as well as proprietary data formats, are supported when translating messages and datasets between individual sub-systems. The communication server is configured and maintained using a graphical interface.

A test tool allows you to test the overall configuration without having to launch the communication server or choose a network. Changes to productive interfaces can be simulated without risk to ongoing operations. The integration server also offers an integrated data plausibility check. The server reviews the data before sending it to the next system. This means that, for example, incorrectly assigned laboratory findings are detected and trigger an electronic notification.


Extensive features for monitoring your system landscapes – structured and clear. Interface management is carried out centrally and your employees are actively notified in the case of any disruption. As well as the actual hardware infrastructure, processes and services can also be effectively monitored.

IT documentation

NEXUS / INTEGRATION SERVER documents collaboration between all available interfaces. Documentation is automatically generated in the form of an HTML structure and shows the data flow model, connectors and data structures included. This makes data flows easier to understand and more transparent – crucial to data protection and IT security.

MPI Services

Identify patients clearly and across different facilities – with NEXUS MPI Services. The basis for networking and the exchange of data in the healthcare sector is the clear assignment of datasets to a patient: The Master Patient Index identifies patients across various clinical and administrative systems and facilitates information sharing.  

Your advantages at a glance

  • Holistic overview of all interfaces
  • Translates various message formats
  • Support for international standards (FHIR, IHE, HL7, eFA 2.0, DICOM, etc.)
  • Clear presentation of system states
  • Exportable documentation

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Sebastian Kolbe
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Get in touch and we can discuss your individual situation.

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