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NEXUS / PORTAL plays a key role in patient empowerment. Using the online application, patients can easily make appointments and upload preliminary examinations. A reminder feature for appointments means that fewer appointments are canceled and allows hospitals to plan more efficiently. Patients can also fill out documents and forms online and read up on their specific treatment to support a smooth admission process.



Telemedicine solutions will play a vital role in healthcare in the future. Radiology is leading the way here: Facilities that, for example, do not want to evaluate radiology images themselves at night can now easily connect to teleradiology networks. Similar scenarios and networks are also used in other specialist departments so that patients can be treated in departments where no expert is available or where interdisciplinary collaboration is required. In emergency rooms, telemedicine can help assess whether a treatment is necessary ahead of time – an advantage for patients and hospital staff alike.


Digital admissions management
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Fill in medical history forms online ahead of time
  • Digital medical history forms through admissions management
  • Patients can upload preliminary examinations in advance
  • Care providers can upload preliminary examinations in advance
  • Patients receive hospital-specific information
  • Communication between patients and staff
  • Closely integrated in the NEXUS / HIS and HIS systems of other vendors
Digital treatment management
  • Digital guide on mobile devices
  • Notes function for patients
  • Treatment diary
  • Reminder for examination appointments
  • Integration in the mobile NEXUS / HIS applications or mobile applications from other HIS vendors
  • Electronic patient record connection
Digital discharge management
  • Structured exchange of data with referring colleagues and other service providers
  • Link to digital platforms for inpatient care and rehabilitation providers
  • Patient data transferred to electronic patient records

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