Ensure optimal resource utilization

OP management and CSSD

Operations are a core element of most hospitals and are of considerable economic importance. This makes optimal capacity utilization all the more vital. NEXUS / OP is an innovative, clearly structured and clear department system that helps your OP coordinators and doctors and nurses in the OR keep an eye on the complex planning of different resources and the legal requirements for documentation at all times.

Employees, equipment and rooms can be planned effectively in OP planning. The status of an operation is shown in real time and means that action can be taken quickly where necessary – for example if an operation takes longer than originally planned. During the operation, operation profiles are used to pre-fill and automate the individual documentation steps, materials are recorded quickly and easily by scanning a bar code, and any other information required is entered directly on a touch screen. Easy to access evaluations that can be configured as required also ensure you have an overview of relevant key figures and optimization potential at all times.


Process support between OP and CSSD

As well as direct support for logistics processes in NEXUS / OP, for example through online availability checks of materials and sieve trays, we also offer an extensive documentation and planning tool for sterilization that also helps supply your operating rooms using specially equipped carts where necessary.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Operation processes shown transparently and clearly
  • Optimal management of all operation processes
  • Self-explanatory and easy to use
  • Detailed evaluations to optimize processes and cost efficiency
  • Minimizes documentation work via OP profiles
  • Touch screen

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