NEXUS / MOBILE: More than just a few apps.

With NEXUS / MOBILE, NEXUS provides a complete overall concept for mobile work in the facilities, which goes far beyond pure app development.


All applications of the NEXUS Group are supplemented by apps and are optimized for mobile user behavior in the clinical environment. Thus, e.g. the time recording in treatment, clinical progress or wound documentation are almost casually documented on the mobile device.

A real relief for the medical staff.

NEXUS / MOBILE is able to meet the high demands of a mobile total solution:

+ multi-platform
+ intuitive interfaces
+ specifically developed apps
+ a clear and organized NEXUS / APP STORE
+ high safety standards
+ data exchange between NEXUS / HIS and the apps
+ data synchronization for offline operation





Apps are provided to the user within an app store and are updated automatically. The App Store includes a variety of apps that support clinical and treatment processes.

NEXUS provides a variety of apps that individually support the respective mobile processes. In doing so, NEXUS pushes aside the idea that an app must be a copy of the stationary application! On the contrary, we offer apps for the different work processes, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the user. Large, rich apps (such as the Doctor's Round App) are complemented by special apps, such as the Wound Documentation App, Partogram App or the Medication App.


The NEXUS / APP STORE provides users with all apps that are shared with the user group. The user can then install the apps he wants and doesn't have to worry about system or data updates.


A special feature for clinics who want to develop their own apps: The NEXUS / APP BUILDER. An easy-to-understand development environment that allows customization based on existing NEXUS apps.


The central element of the NEXUS / MOBILE solution is the container: A uniform user interface for all NEXUS / APPS. The container displays the essential data for a selected patient in a clear and consistent form. The operation is based on the new NEXUS NG concept with unique usability.

Technically, the container handles the login administration, the connection to the security gateway and the offline data management. At the same time, functions such as patient navigation, Intellisense search or favorites are provided.


+ EPA Overview
+ Patient Data
+ Course
+ Findings
+ Patient Appointments
+ Doctors Schedule
+ Picture Management

+ Obstetrics
+ Wound documentation
+ Performance Recording
+ My HIS
+ Lab-Results
+ Charting / Vital signs
+ Medication


The mobile device management: devices, access permissions, profile management

Mobile devices and app permissions are managed consistently across the clinic. NEXUS / MOBILE is device-independent! This means hospitals can decide which mobile devices to use, NEXUS / MOBILE supports all platforms. This applies to IOS, Android, Windows or simply playing the app via the browser.

In addition, the mobile device management manages the devices: All mobile devices are graphically displayed in the software in terms of status and access. Device management enables the allocation of device profiles, the available apps, the monitoring of access and the central provision of apps in the NEXUS / APP-STORE, both in test and productive mode.


NEXUS / SECURITY GATEWAY: security in your "mobile world"

The communication inside and outside the clinic is ensured by our gateway. The gateway also handles online communication with NEXUS / HIS or offline synchronization.

Security in communication is a prerequisite for mobile application in the clinic. NEXUS has paid particular attention to this aspect and set high security standards with the NEXUS / SECURITY GATEWAY. This includes control of access and permissions as well as secure communication and synchronization between  NEXUS / HIS and the apps.

Secure communication is also ensured with application outside the clinic. The NEXUS / SECURITY GATEWAY monitors communication with the Internet. An addition to safety and freedom in use.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Extensive features for doctors, nurses, and therapists
  • Configure individual modules in apps in line with your requirements and processes
  • Read and write access to key HIS features
  • Process support directly at PoC

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