The intelligent system for the emergency room


Emergency rooms and the outpatient department are key parts of a hospital but they work very differently than inpatient facilities. NEXUS / HISNG allows you to depict both.  

Outpatient billing and patient documentation, appointment and resource management, medication, prescriptions issued in line with the Arzneimittelversorgung-Wirtschaftlichkeitsgesetz (German Act on the Efficient Supply of Pharmaceuticals – AVWG) and progress notes can be smoothly integrated into NEXUS / HISNG. NEXUS / EMERGENCY improves the quality of information in the emergency room and provides an overview of emergency department occupancy – with all relevant information.

The entire process is supported in full, from when the patient is admitted to when they are transferred or discharged: When they arrive, the first step is to enter the master data and then information on triaging and an initial diagnosis. NEXUS / EMERGENCY supports outpatient treatment by providing an optimized summary of the most important information on one screen – the emergency dashboard to initiate the next steps and potentially save someone’s life.

Your advantages at a glance

  • No duplication of patient data
  • Improved productivity and more efficient workflows
  • Seamless and quick documentation in electronic patient files
  • All emergency room data clearly displayed
  • Color-coded visualization of urgency and prioritization

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Ingo Böhnlein
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