Digital care in NEXUS / HISNG – structured and clear


More time for care!

NEXUS solutions fully and intuitively complement all clinical care processes– from structured care assessments, for example using the ePA-AC method, to planning and carrying out care to documentation and evaluation.

Alongside doctors, nurses are the backbone of every hospital. Successful patient treatment would be inconceivable without them. This makes it all the more important that the software solutions provide comprehensive support for all clinical care processes and actually reduce the workload for users.  

The care management features enable care planning that is both flexible and transparent throughout the care model used by your hospital: In NEXUS / HISNG, you have access to extensive and standardized documentation forms that can be easily adapted to fit the processes at your hospital. Defaults, text modules, and automatic billing for diagnoses considerably reduce the amount of documentation work involved.

You get a powerful solution that meets all of your needs, from traditional planning tools to an interdisciplinary medication module. It is efficient, close to the care process, and simple to use.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Support with structured medical history and assessments  
  • Save care models for optimal care planning
  • Complete, correct, and clear care documentation
  • Reduces the amount of documentation work required and provides standardized wording, e.g. using text modules  
  • More time for your patients

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