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The NEXUS product portfolio offers the right solution for all of the challenges in a hospital’s day-to-day work. The hospital information system NEXUS / HISNG supports clinical users with their day-to-day processes and is a platform that integrates highly specialized applications across departments. The intelligent and intuitive operating concept guides doctors, nurses, and therapists through their daily work processes in line with their facility’s requirements. NEXUS solutions help make processes more efficient so that you can spend more time with your patients.

We are there for you: In NEXUS, you have a long-term partner for your clinical IT projects.


What's new in NG?

Experience a product world that:
+ is focused on the essentials.
+ navigates directly to the process with one click.
+ represents each process individually.
+ offers all applications also mobile.


You always see exactly the information you need right now on your screen and keep an eye on the essentials.


No menues, no screen change – one click to information.


Workspaces that can be easily adapted to your needs and processes.


Mobile apps are an integral part of NG. This means you have all the information at your fingertips wherever you are.

How does NG work?

A technology with which
... workplaces are set up individually.
... workspaces are created as favorites.
... modules are integrated as plug-ins.
... communication tools are available.

Workspace engine

For each specific process, an individualized work environment can be created.


Stand-alone modules that run within the workspaces. (e.g., the NEXUS / VIEWER)

Favorites and alerts

Alerts for medical warnings and favorites for individual navigation.

Modern work environment

Inquiries with screen forwarding, multi-monitor support, screen scaling, etc.

NG application examples

The NG technology is used in all NEXUS products and is the basis of all new developments of the NEXUS Group.


New user experience as a plug-in feature: navigate with no menus (investment protection for existing customers)


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One defining feature of working in healthcare facilities is interdisciplinary collaboration between many people in different professions: hospitals, psychiatry wards, rehab centers and residential facilities, as well as other areas of care and treatment. It is important to us that we offer users the best solution to the challenges they face every day and that we create effective networks between users throughout the work process: process-focused, intuitive, and flexible.

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