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Intelligent diagnostics for all NEXUS solutions

At an average of 44%, the preparation of diagnostic reports is taking up an increasingly large proportion of doctors' working time. There is a lack of intelligent, computer-based support in everyday life. A situation often lamented by doctors. Especially as doctors' working time is urgently needed elsewhere.
Free-text entry and "copy-paste work" still dominate when preparing findings: the results are not standardized and are unsuitable for evaluations and quality control. The automation of standard texts, the integration of device information or automatic performance derivations tend to be the exception in practice. However, high-quality and evaluable findings are an important part of treatment planning.
NEXUS has devoted itself intensively to this problem in recent years and has developed NEXUS / ADVANCED REPORTING, an intelligent reporting software that redefines everyday medical practice.

Find out in our short video how NEXUS is already providing the future of documentation today.

NEXUS / ADVANCED REPORTING – The intelligent reporting software:

The future of documentation - in all specialist areas


Quick and intuitive

+ Structured recording
+ Process support
+ Close connection between textual and graphical presentation of information
+ Simply drag&drop in graphics


Complex findings texts created easily

+ Fast recording of complex findings of the complete AMDP questionnaire
+ Appropriate formulation of the psychopathological findings
+ Live evaluation of the entered data and automatic calculation of scores / syndrome scales
+ Direct derivation of diagnoses and procedures


Expert knowledge always at hand

+ Context-related wiki - directly during input
+ House-specific procedural instructions
+ Integration of specialist scientific information from common providers (e.g. Thieme eRef)

Create findings 80% faster!


Device data directly in the findings text

+ The DRG X-ray findings are implemented and available in NAR
+ Medical graphics simplify the creation of findings - e.g. when determining anatomical localizations
+ Measurement results are transferred live to the findings text


Evaluations of medical texts

+ Additional evaluations available at no extra charge thanks to structured data acquisition

+ Easily supply medical studies with data

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