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Thanks to NEXUS / NBBNG – powered by E&L, diagnostic departments throughout the hospital enjoy uniform diagnostics findings. Benefit from intelligent image management and the full integration of all medical devices.

As a platform solution for doctors’ day-to-day work, NBBNG acts as a hub combining patient administration from PACS HIS, image and loop distribution and modalities connections with findings into an optimal work flow. This is closely supported by structured text modules and official terminology with resulting automation.

Standard features, such as viewing preliminary examinations, image and video recording, image comparison, video editing, structured terminologies of expert associations (DGVS certification, DEGUM, etc.), structured generation of findings, trajectories, transfer of preliminary findings, statistics, calculation of set-up time and ICD/OPS generation, are the norm.

NEXUS / SPECIAL DIAGNOSTICS provides extensive digital support for diagnostic work processes. Highly functional, intuitive, tailored to the specialist department’s specific work processes and, above all, seamlessly integrated into the ONE / NEXUS solution world.

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