With NEXUS / SPECIAL DIAGNOSTICS a uniform clinic-wide diagnosis in diagnostic departments is possible. Benefit from an intelligent image management and the complete integration of all medical devices.


Effective diagnosis with a system that adapts flexibly and individually to the work processes of all departments. With a few steps, clearly structured findings are generated based on variable text modules and selection menus. ICD and OPS coding is automatic. In addition, all image- and data-generating systems can be connected via a standardized analogue or digital interface.


Integration, not stand-alone solution – NBBNG ‎  embedded in NEXUS / HISNG

ONE / NEXUS is a standardized solution world that is nonetheless tailored to the specialist department in question and uncompromisingly based on the users’ processes. NEXUS / HIS users already benefit from the standardized, cross-department system architecture, useful features and well thought-through work flows – seamless.

A program for every process – that has always worked… In many cases, familiar processes mean that potential improvements go unnoticed. Diagnostic software that is deeply integrated into the hospital information system has many advantages for doctors and MTAs in hospitals’ day-to-day work.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Direct access to medical history forms, laboratory and medication data
  • Direct access to hospital-wide appointment and surgery planning, embedded in the surgical process
  • Findings data copied directly to the doctor’s letter
  • Communication with portals (patient’s electronic patient record portal, referral portal,…)
  • Mobile availability of the NEXUS / DOCTOR app and other NEXUS / apps for diagnosticians
  • Standardized case management, master data and client concept with NEXUS / HIS
  • Integration in billing and controlling processes with NEXUS / HIS
Diagnostic terminology

Fast, safe and top-quality diagnosis

Structured findings have been part of the NEXUS subsidiary E&L’s solutions and tried and tested by customers for many years. The result? Findings based on the background knowledge of specialist departments that are also available more quickly: improving quality and saving time in the diagnostics process while also providing perfect data for controlling.

What’s more, with NEXUS / NBBNG you can transfer the most important findings directly into the doctor’s letter in NEXUS / HISNG – the findings information is thus an integral part of automated discharge letter generation.

The E&L diagnostics software consistently maps SOPs and structured diagnostic terminologies of the leading medical associations (DGVS, DKG, etc.) across all specialties. CWD, E&L medical systems’ core product, is frequently used by doctors and medical expert groups as a development platform for SOPs and structured terminologies. E&L has thus offered flexible and easy-to-use customizing tools for many years: the form designer, the terminology designer, the macro designer and the letter designer.

NEXUS / E&L will continue to rely fully on structured terminology for findings documentation – as the basis for the highest diagnostics quality and data integrity.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Structured terminology based on expert associations (e.g. DGVS, DGK, etc.)
  • Top-quality findings data, including transfer to NEXUS / HISNG
  • Flexible adjustments using designer tools for forms, terminologies, letters
  • Automated processes to record relevant data (ICD/OPS)

Range of connections

Heterogeneous device landscapes with different connection types (Dicom, HL7, proprietary) can supply images, loops and measurement data. E&L also has many years of experience with complex connections across manufacturers. Various interfaces for infrastructure embedding complete the picture.

Device connections

  • Endoscopy tower, plus mobile use via the E&L SmartBox solution
  • Ultrasound devices with worklists, images, loops and measurement data
  • Device manufacturer for manometry, pH meters, capsule endoscopy, spirometry, ECG, EEG/EMG, etc.
  • Cardiac catheters, hemodynamics, EPU, IVUS, HSM
  • Cleaning and disinfection units, drying cabinets, microscopes, etc.

Interfaces to infrastructure

  • NEXUS/HISNG (embedded)
  • QA system, materials management
  • APS interfaces, client separation, network concepts

Mobility in diagnostics through ...

... flexible design of highly mobile work flow scenarios for a wide range of products and solutions, e.g. with the E&L SmartBox solution (appliance) – as an accessory for the medical product NBBNG – which brings endoscopy towers into line with DICOM and makes them mobile.

... a new scanner solution for mobile generation of requirements directly with patients. This can considerably simplify the work flow, especially for mobile diagnostics under time pressure, for example in ultrasound examinations in the emergency room.

.... mobile HISNG apps from the group range: laboratory app, calendar app, Dekubitus app and many more – and, where required, including with read access to the original NBB findings data.

Supporting highly-mobile use processes for modern diagnostics devices is increasingly essential for diagnostic solutions providers. NEXUS / E&L provides NBBNG with web and app technology for this.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Accessories: SmartBox 2.0 – “DICOMization” of endoscopy towers for highly mobile use
  • Scanner solution for mobile generation of requirements
  • Access to NEXUS / HISNG apps such as laboratory app, calendar app, Dekubitus app and many more

Specialist departments

NEXUS / SPECIAL DIAGNOSTICS has more than 500 diagnostics screens and is already available for many other specialist departments. The list of examination forms continues to grow, thanks also to the assistance of our customers. Contact us if you are interested. Please use the contact information provided under Point of contact.

Other specialist departments (extracts)

  • Nephrology
  • Urology
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Angiology
  • Pneumology
  • Pediatrics
  • ENT

... and many more


Point of contact

Point of contact
Daniel Heine and team
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Get in touch and we can discuss your individual situation.

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