NEXUS / ifa EIS: The expert system for ophthalmology

Communication with clinical peripheral systems

Through the Group’s NEXUS / INTEGRATION SERVER, NEXUS / ifa EIS communicates seamlessly with all existing peripheral systems and the patient administration HIS within a hospital. Data and information can be exchanged bilaterally with the HIS/ERP system in place using HL7 data flows and images and documents from existing PACS or archive solutions can be transferred and accessed via DICOM.  The communication concept also includes interacting with medication and care documentation solutions (e.g. Meona) and billing interfaces via statutory health insurance or private liquidation providers (PVS or unimed). Through NEXUS / INTEGRATION SERVER, NEXUS / ifa EIS can also exchange data with clinical peripheral systems using communication standards such as ASCII, ODBC, OLE, DDE, SAP-HCM, SAP-BAPI, FIS/ODA (SMS), xDT (LDT, ADT, BDT, etc.), XML, FHIR and IHE.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Access to the patient’s case overview at all times
  • Favorites function to easily filter the daily list of patients to visit
  • Structured view of data in groups such as medication or laboratory
  • Instant documentation, available everywhere
  • Overview of outstanding / overdue care
  • Instant and seamless documentation after treatment is provided
  • Doctors, nurses and therapists always have all relevant patient information on hand, including from the archive where necessary

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