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Speeds up diagnostic findings in routine operations

“Just-in-time” work in laboratories requires perfect laboratory management. Speed and safety take top priority – in all stages of the work process.

The new cytology solution focuses on supporting work processes in routine operations with high workloads. NEXUS / Cytology was developed in close collaboration with cytologists. The result? A modern software solution specifically tailored to the needs of cytological working methods.

Thanks to barcode-supported work processes, manual, error-prone interventions in the workflow are virtually unnecessary. Information relevant to billing is automatically generated when the order is recorded using the scanner.

With around 150 installations, NEXUS is one of the leading providers of specialized software in cytology laboratories in Germany.

Findings are recorded quickly using a touchscreen, ensuring simple and rapid diagnostics findings. Intuitive and tailored to your institution’s processes. Numerous interfaces with laboratory equipment save considerable time.


ONE / NEXUS – a holistic view of the patient and a valuable contribution to modern diagnosis

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dc-systeme and NEXUS

“Digital pathology” is both an opportunity and a challenge for pathology in the years ahead. Digitalizing the entire process chain requires extensive expertise and sophisticated IT solutions, from laser cassette and slide printers to intelligent work lists, integrated “virtual microscopy” to structured findings reporting and communication. Thanks to the merger of dc-systeme and NEXUS and their close collaboration, both companies are together paving the way for “digital pathology.”

dc-systeme and NEXUS have worked together since June 2021. More information can be found in the press release.

Products from the dc-systeme world

Cassette and slide printers

Fast, quiet, reliable

  • Made in Germany: Powerful and designed for long-term use.
  • High-resolution bar codes provide access to virtual microscopy. (Cornerstone of digital pathology.)
  • Printing systems, service and consumables – all from a single source.
  • On-demand printing with minimal organizational effort and maximum patient safety.


Sample tracking in the pathology laboratory

  • Process control thanks to use of bar codes.
  • U-ID + patient identification on sample containers, cassettes and slides ensures maximum patient safety from when the sample is received until the time at which it is archived.
  • Configurable menu interfaces and master data can be adapted to perfectly suit hospital-specific processes.
  • Intuitive rapid sample collection prevents bottlenecks when receiving samples.
  • Partially automated control of cassette and slide printers.
  • HL7 slide stainers, slide scanning systems, archiving systems, etc. can be connected.

About dc-systeme Informatik GmbH

dc-systeme lives and understands pathology. It focuses on reliable workflow and process optimization and the provision of and responsibility for IT security and functionality from a single source.

dc-systeme Informatik specializes in the development and sale of pathology, cytology and archive computer systems and has more than 20 years of experience in integrated language recognition. Its team of 45 employees serves more than 170 clients across Germany – including university hospital institutions, hospitals and private institutions, making it one of the leading market providers in Germany.

More information on dc-systeme Informatik GmbH

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