Statistics – evaluate and analyze

Free statistics and delivery room statistics for a well-founded analysis of your data

The free statistics provide you with extensive evaluations and any number of evaluation options for all your data. If you have initiated an evaluation, you will receive the result immediately, since the evaluation is carried out independently of ongoing operations on a local database. Results can be exported directly to MS Excel® if installed on your PC. If an evaluation is required frequently, the filters can be set and saved as desired, so that the analysis can be accessed again quickly.

A patient can be identified directly from the statistics for detailed analysis. With one click you can jump directly to the patient file of NEXUS / OBSTETRICS.

In the delivery room statistics you will find predefined routine statistics that make your daily work easier. The simple and self-explanatory operation provides additional support. Layouts and filters are preset. With just a few clicks you will receive your evaluation via filter – display – print.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly and simple obstetric system
  • Joint obstetrics and neonatology data set
  • Fulfillment of all requirements for the 16/1 QA
  • Creation of the delivery room statistics at the push of a button
  • Creation of the Q-indicators with jump to the documentation
  • Workflow-oriented reporting
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