The partogram module supports doctors and midwives in documenting the course of delivery. Together with the CTG monitoring software and documentation during pregnancy, the structured documentation of the birth with the doctor’s letter, label printing and data export for external quality assurance, the partogram solution forms a complete package for delivery room documentation.

Graphic course of delivery

The partogram module is the solution for obstetric documentation according to the guidelines of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGGG). Due to the free definition of symbols and events, such as ruptured membranes, PDA, MBU and birth in the partogram, the software solution is highly configurable in its graphic presentation.

All 16/1 relevant data recorded in the partogram are automatically available for obstetrics quality assurance, which means data are collected only once. In addition, the partogram functional area has legally watertight documentation of all inputs, including a historization in the database.

In addition, the module can ensure direct access to CTG monitoring and thus offers the possibility of online transfer and graphic presentation of maternal vital parameters from suitable CTG devices. The WHO intervention lines are calculated on the basis of cervical dilation, which can be displayed in great detail and in the form of graphic documentation.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Graphic input and display of tactile findings
  • CTG assessment can be used across partogram and CTG monitoring
  • Display of medication administration, infusions, vital parameters, notes and other freely definable findings on the time axis
  • On request, display of the WHO intervention lines
  • Adoption of maternal CTG parameters in the partogram
  • One-time collection of 16/1 data
  • Flexibility through maximum configuration options
  • Extension to the NEXUS / OBSTETRICS complete solution
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